Monday, September 5, 2011

pictures from phone

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I've messed up my blog and I can't fix it. Grrrr.

I LOVE Devrie

Here are some of my favorite pics she took.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Totally Random

Miriam's 4th Birthday.

Lydia and Corbin starting at their new school.

Jane's purple birthday party.

Cutie pie Miriam

Corbin playin soccer.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our First 5k

Yes - we finally ran a 5k and I don't mean Joe and I. (In fact Joe has already run one but did not participate in this one with us.) I mean all four of my kids and I ran our first 5k. It was a very last minute decision to run and no one knew we were doing it. To top it off I couldn't find my camera. Such is my life.

The run down of the race.... I set my alarm for the morning of thinking maybe we would go but knowing Joe had to work and I would be alone with my kids. (Not that that has ever stopped me before. just trying to find an excuse.) When my alarm went off I was freezing and had not slept very well but didn't want to disappoint Lydia since it was her that was asking to do it. So I meandered down to her bed and laid with her and asked her if she really wanted to because we didn't have to. She immediately jumped up and said "Yes, yes, I want to. Please can we?" I said "Alright." Then we woke the rest of the kids up hurried and got ready, had a very poor breakfast since I was out of several grocery items. Then we went to register.

Once we got there I noticed that other parents with kids had wagons and backpack carriers for their children and I thought, "Shoot I should have brought our stroller." Oh well, too late for that. I attempted to call my Mom Lori to see if she was up and wanted to come watch. If she could I was going to ask her to stop by my house and bring my stroller but as it was she was up but not ready and would not be able to make it over in time (10 min.) so I did not ask her to grab my stroller. And then the race was starting.

We ran down to the start line. That was exciting and our second best performance throughout the whole race. :) I had us stand in the back of everyone so that we weren't in the way of anyone. (Probably would do that different next time.) When everyone started to fill through the big arch way I urged my kids on. As soon as it was our turn to go through the arches Miriam started to cry. What a good start! We had to run past the registration tables and I was questioning whether we should really do this or not but I guess my pride kept us in. I told Miriam "Do you see that sign up there at the end of the road? I will carry you after we get to that." She said ok and away we went. Jane also cried right at the beginning that she was thirsty. Which in my haste of the morning I had forgotten to grab drinks. But luckily for us a guy at the registration table had some and ran it over to us.

Lydia and Corbin had taken off on their own but returned worried that I wanted them right by me. I assured them it was fine and they could run up ahead. So they ran up again and then Corbin ran back to us again and stayed with us the rest of the time. So already he was going to run more than a 5k, but he did this running up a ways and then coming back one more time during the race. Which it was great to have him with us because he helped me carry the waters and energy packs they had given us when I needed him to. When I tried to put them in my pocket my pants would start to fall down. I struggled with keeping my pants up the whole race.

Well the start of the race was pretty well how the whole thing went. Miriam and Jane took turns crying and I would convince them to walk to a sign then I would carry them a little ways. Corbin kind of be bopped around us helping me when I asked. And I never saw Lydia after we left the start line till we were done. Throughout the race I tried to keep my children's minds off of the walk. I would tell them things like "Should we have ice cream when we are done? What is your favorite kind? Look at that boat, do you like that boat. Those are pretty flowers. Oh, watch that plane do you see it?" I don't know if it helped for sure but I think it did.

Honestly the truck that follows the last people was always right behind us. One time we passed the two ladies in front of us but it didn't take them long to pass us again and they moved way far in front of us. So we were the last ones and the last ones by ALOT!

When we got to the last stretch Corbin ran way up ahead of us and stopped at the finishing arch and waited for us. The sweet kid could've finished without us but he waited. Once the arch got close enough the girls ran their little hearts out. Since everyone had finished we had quite the crowd to cheer us in and these two little girls had the biggest grins on their faces. Again regretting that I could not find my camera!!! We went over to the shade and yes I did feel like crying. looking at my little kids and knowing that they had done it. The pride I felt for my kids was immense but I held in the tears.

We found Lydia over next to the awards table as they were drawing for prizes. She did get a long sleeve shirt that was big enough for her Dad. She was super excited. A lady offered her a backpack instead but she wanted what she had won. Adorable! Maybe when I find my camera I can post a picture of her in it.

They separated the winners into age groups. Jane got the third place award for her age. When they announced her name I could not spot her so I had to take the price to her. She was so excited she won and everywhere we went all weekend she had to tell everyone.

In the Post Register today they news about the race came out and in the article it said, "Three-year old Miriam Lewis of Idaho Falls was the youngest to complete the entire 5k course on her own." How fun to have her in the paper!

Again, I just have to say I am so proud of all my kids! And they are very proud of themselves.

The times got all messed up so they are not posted right. They say Lydia's time is 42:21 and Corbin's is 42:22. (I don't know how they finished together) The girls and I don't have a time we are just listed as "Finisher". (I guess you can't see just how bad we did.)


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Corbin's Goal

Corbin is number 3. This is one of his goals. I love to watch him play. I will try to catch a goal on video but I think he only has one more game.

What can I say I am one proud mama!?

Planting Our Garden

I guess with all this hard work we'd better put one in.